Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, August 4, 2014

We just felt prompted

Week #45
Hey Everyone!!!

Wow i cant believe that its already August!? In a week i'll already have been in the mission for 11 months!!  Wow its going by fast!!

This week was pretty awesome!! We had two things that really stuck out to me!! 

The first thing: Remember Gregori... He's an investigator who always comes to church and always goes to the activities and even sometime went out visiting with us sharing his testimony to the other people! He never wanted to be baptized because he always had doubt after doubt! We have been visiting him a little less since he wasnt really progressing but this week we went by and visited him and now when we go we always talk about the Book of Mormon because thats his biggest doubt. We visited him a couple days ago and were just talking to him about the Book of Mormon and we just felt prompted to ask him to be baptized and we said we wanted to help him set a goal to get baptized the 30th of August and he accepted!!!!!!! That was really cool to hear!! The bummer is that there is a chance that i might not be here for his baptism... Hopefully i will though!!

Changes are next Tuesday and so this Saturday they will tell us if we have changes and then Monday if i have changes i will be coming down from Jaen. I think it is very likely that i have changes even though i dont want to have changes. The cool thing is that if i do have a change i will be in the transfers meeting and i will be there when Camille presents herself in front of the mission!! That would be pretty could but its going to be sad if i have to leave! I feel like ive gotten to know the people so well and its always hard to say goodbye but who knows maybe i wont have to!

The second thing is that in the mission now we dont focus so much on what is missionary work but what is the work of Salvation. So instead of putting all our focus on baptizing people we are also focusing on bringing members who are less active back into the church! This week we were able to do that! We helped a member of the church who was less active get all the missionary lessons over again and talk with the bishop and now she is attending church again!! Thats a cool thing that happened this week!

If eveything goes well Luz Vargas is going to get baptized this week which will be awesome! Shes really cool and understands everything and is really prepared to be baptized! She started reading the Book of Mormon too! The only thing is that her sister went on vacation and Luz wants to get baptized while she is here so if she doesnt get back this week i will probably miss her baptism too.. 

Other than that everything going really well and the mission is awesome!! Hope you all had a great week and that you will have a great week too! I know this church is true and im so grateful for it and i also know that the Book of Mormon changes lifes and i have been able to experience that first hand!

Elder Jarman

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