Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The CCM is awesome so far!

 9-19-2013 Week #1

Hey guys!! love you all and thanks so much for the emails and the letters! It was a weird feeling at the airport as soon as I got through security I waved once and then all you were just gone! Once we got to Peru immigration and customs didn’t take long at all which was awesome! We took a bus to the MTC which was like 20 minutes away from the airport and it was a pretty crazy bus ride! I heard more honking in an hour here than i do in like a year at home. On the way to the CCM we saw some fast food restaurants which was a relief and we also saw some really poor parts of town, but some of the people here say that what we saw is nothing compared to what well see when we go proseliting for the first time on Saturday. We got to the CCM at like 1 and got a packet with our schedule which is jam-packed everyday and we also got our companions. I’m in a trio companionship which is pretty neat, with Elder Ruiz and Elder Peabody. When we got to our room there was a not on our door from our roommates that was kind of intimidating but when we finally met them later the next day we found out that they were really cool!

The first couple of days were pretty tough just getting into the rhythm of things. We wake up at 6:30 and get ready for the day. The showers here are weird, they are either boiling hot or they’re freezing and once you find the happy medium it lasts for about 10 seconds before it gets really hot or rally cold again. Breakfast is at 7 and every morning we eat runny eggs yogurt and toast and that’s about it, sometimes well get lucky and get some pancakes which are super good but they’re better than yogurt and eggs. Then well have some language study and some gospel study and then well have lunch. For lunch we always have rice and something like fish or steak that is like leather it’s so tough or chicken or something like that. We have rice twice a day every day of the week so when i get back please don’t make any rice! After lunch well have personal study where we can study anything we want, and after that is my favorite part, Physical Activity!! For physical activity we play volleyball sometimes but we usually play soccer and its pretty funny when we play soccer because all you hear the whole time is Elder Elder Elder! After physical activity well have some more language or gospel classes and then towards dinner time we have been teaching lessons to teachers here and its almost all in Spanish! The Spanish is coming back to me much better than I thought it was going to but we went out for P-day today and it made me realize how much I have to learn! Then well have dinner which will be more rice and then some more fish or beef or once we had lomo saltado! They do have french fries quite a bit so that’s pretty good! After dinner we teach more and then have one or two more classes and then we do daily planning with our companions and then we get ready for bed and write in our journals and go to bed at 10:30 and then repeat it all over again.

My district has 11 people in it and they’re all really awesome! Everyone is really cool and funny and its fun to watch the people in my district learn Spanish so fast! It really shows how much the spirit plays a role in learning a language! My room is on the 3rd or top floor of the dorms and my room mates are super funny as is my whole floor! one of my room mates is full of stories and tells us stories every night while were getting ready for bed and people play jokes on each other and everyone’s laughing the whole time, its really awesome!

Adjusting to the food is not too bad. In the CCM the people say you either have the siempres, when you always have to go or the nuncas, when you never have to go and at some point everyone gets something. I have been doing well with the food, for now at least. One thing that’s weird is that some of the toilets here don’t have seats on them! Some of the food has been weird here and some of it has been really good! One of the weird things that I’ve eaten is a granadia. It doesn’t taste too bad but its a fruit that you crack the skin and peel it open and it looks like a spider laid like 100 eggs inside the fruit!

We had P-day today which was super awesome! we were supposed to do some stuff for our visas on Tuesday but it got rescheduled to Thursday so we were all pretty upset that our P-day was going to get cut short by 2 hours! Also we found out that it overlapped with our email time and our laundry time so we were all freaking out! On the day of P-day after we had gone to the temple we were on our way to lunch today and we found out that the interpol got rescheduled again so its tomorrow not and we got all excited because we were going to get to write and do laundry! Today we had to wake up at 5:45 which was a bummer but it was all worth it because we got to go to the Lima temple today and it was so cool!! It’s a very small temple and the session was in Spanish! After the temple we went to store and bought some snacks and some other stuff and our chaperones showed us where the temple store is so we can go there next time and get some Peru scripture bags and some other cool things! We didn’t have much time out of the CCM today but it will be better next time and I can’t wait to go to the temple again! We got some knock off soccer jerseys for really cheap and they’re pretty sweet! I took pictures but I don’t have the plug for the camera so i can’t send any pictures unless i can find a card reader the next time we go to the store.

The CCM is awesome so far! I learned how to pray and to bear my testimony in Spanish! The days go by like weeks because we do so much stuff in a day but the weeks go by like days. I can’t wait to get out to mission field now im so excited for that!

Love you all and hope your doing well!
Elder Jarman

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