Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It was really humbling...

9-26-2013 Week #2
Hey Everyone!
I apologize in advance but the emails while im in the CCM will start to get boring and shorter because we literally do almost the same exact thing everyday! Hours on end of language study and companion study and personal study and yeah lots of studying!
One cool thing we did get to do this week was we got to go out proseliting!! It was a really neat and humbling experience! We went to a place in Lima called Canto Rey and we went out with lation companions and a member and went to members house who were inactive to try to reactivate them. Altough we didnt actually get to talk to any members because all the addresses were wrong, oh and the addresses here are written in chalk and they are super confusing and so its like impossible to find someones house, but it was still cool! It was really humbling in two ways, one becuase i thought i was starting to get the hang of spanish and then i heard the natives talk... and two, the people here are really poor! There was trash all over the place, there were marks on the walls where you could tell people had peed and the houses were super small and very poor! There are actually quite a bit of people that know the elders because everywhere we go there are poeple that say hey elders and also when were on our P-day in Lima a lot of people will honk at us and say elderes out their windows! All in all presliting was a good experience!
I was in a trio companionship with Elder Peabody and Elder Ruiz, but then someone in our district went home and so now just Elder Ruiz is my companion. We got new people today in the CCM and new room mates who are north americans as well. We havent really talked to the them much yet becuase we went to the temple today, but they seem pretty cool! I think the next time that i go to the temple that i will be able to do the whole session in spanish! The last two times we went we had headphones and this time i listened more to it in spanish than i did in english and i could understand almost all of it so next time im going to try to do it in spanish!
Another cool thing that happened this week was and earthquake. Me and my companion were sitting in a room by ourselves preparing for a lesson and then i felt this little rumble and i told my companion and then it started to get stronger and we were all like earthquake!! The quake lasted for like 30 seconds but it wasnt very strong where we were. Im not sure but i think i heard someone say that it was a 7 in Areqiupa!
Nothing else exciting happened. If you have any questions about anything let me know!
Tupananchis Kama Wawa
or in other words Hasta la Vista Baby in ketchewan!
Elder Jarman

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