Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, September 8, 2014

1 year!?

Week #51
Hey Everyone!!!

I really cant believe that this week in three days i will have been out in the mission for 1 year!? It has gone by crazy fast and i have learned so many incredible things and have been blessed to be able to help many people too! I have grown to love the people and serving a mission and im excited for the next year i have left!

Anyways this week was a little tough for us and especially for me! We werent able to have much luck this week and to top it all off i got a little sick!

I'll start off with how i got sick... On Thursday we had everything all planned out that we were going to visit some people with a member and when the time came the member had failed on us and so we went to visit the people a little down in heart! For the next couple of hours i didnt feel so well and i was telling my companion but he thought i meant emotianlly becuase everything was going wrong. So we finally got into a lesson and we watched a video and after the video i started feeling worse and while we were explaining the lesson to her i told my companion lets get this over with quick!!!! By that time i had started sweating a whole ton and i knew something bad was going to happen! My comp finished explaining and we said a prayer and right when he finished the prayer i got up and headed for the door and just in time because right when i steped out the door i threw up in the street... It was really pretty embarassing!!! After that we ended up just going back to the room and we rested the rest of the day. Ever since then i havent really wanted to eat too much but im starting to feel better now which is good!!!

So yeah other than that we had a baptismal date for John A. for this Saturday thats coming up but he didnt end up coming to church yesterday so im pretty sure he will not be getting baptized this week! The area is also changing some of the rules and so now i think he will not be able to get baptized for our ward because he doesnt live in our ward boundaries.. So our one baptismal date that we had fell through on us!! We havent been having much success in that sense but hopefully the seeds that im planting right now can see fruits in the future!!

So im not sure how probable this is but they are talking about putting more missionaries here in Jaen especially in the stronger wards. So that could mean that if two new missionaries come to our ward that i would end up staying in Jaen for even more time!?! That would be crazy but it would be pretty sweet too!! 

Other than that things are going pretty well! Weve had some minor setbacks but were still here working hard! The areas putting in new rules and getting more strict on things and the ward is getting a little more organized and excited about helping us out which should be good! Were hoping that things will look up in the future!! I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can find real and lasting happiness and that we can find comfort in our problems!! 

Have a great week eveyone!!

Elder Jarman

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