Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, December 16, 2013

The work is progressing in La Pradera!

12-16-13 Week #13
Hey Everyone!

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the weather because it is getting really hot here and were just sweating all the time now! Christmas is in a week and a half!

Well this week was pretty good i guess! The numbers don't reflect out efforts but that's not what matters. We actually have been having some success, we have two for sure dates for baptisms the 28 and we have two that are tentative for the 28th as well! This week were going to challenge two more to the 28th so if best case scenario we could have 6 baptisms on the 28th and on top of the 3 we already had early this month that would be 9 baptisms for the month of December! We are helping one of our investigators get married and i think its kind of funny because 18, 19, and 20 year old kids are giving advice on why people should get married and were not married. I could just see the investigator being like "what do you know about marriage". But yeah we are working on organizing an activity do hermano Julio can get married and get baptized and if he does get baptized then the whole family will be members and they can put the goal to go to the temple! We have hermana Graciela who is just awesome! She just needs to talk to her husband and let him know but she wants to wait until he comes home from Lima to talk to him because she is hard of hearing and cant really talk on the phone! The two set dates that we have are two little girls, Noemi and Shantal, and they live with their grandmas because their parents died. We are going to invite their cousins to be baptized too this week! The work is progressing in La Pradera! 

We are looking for another capilla for our branch because we have so many people that on Sundays there's like 30 people standing because we don't have enough chairs! We have more people attending than almost every single ward in this stake but yet were still a branch! Soon they will build a capilla here though and that will be awesome for this branch!

The food is sometimes hard to eat... For breakfast sometimes we get tuna with onions and bread. Thats what we had this morning and its not really the great thing to eat on the morning, or at all for that matter. We eat sooooo much rice! Two meals a day everyday we have rice! Although today for lunch we had pizza! Every Monday from now till the end of the change in January we are going to my comps old areas to say goodbye to the people nd one of his old pensionistas made us some pizza and it was so good!! We eat rice with everything and we actually have lomo saltado a lot but its not nearly as good as it is in the U.S. 

My companion is really funny! He likes to give massages to but he gives really really hard massages and they hurt!! He also likes to sing too! He knows quite a bit of English too! Sometimes he'll tell me things in English about the people were teaching and its pretty funny. He sounds really funny when he speaks English and i wonder if i sound as weird as he does when i talk in Spanish! Its kind of nice that he knows a lot of English because i can ask him about words in Spanish and he knows what they are in English!

Hope everyone's doing super well! Have a great week and if i don't get to email this next week than i hope you all have a merry Christmas!!

Elder Jarman

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