Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, November 18, 2013

It makes me want to be a better missionary!

11-18-13 Week #9
Hey Everyone!
This week was pretty good in general! It seems like it went by super duper fast! Ive almost been in my area for a month already! Christmas is coming up soon and im stoked for that!

This week i did a work visit with one of the zone leaders for a day and that was pretty cool! Hes fluent in Spanish and English and so he helped with some Spanish while i was there. While i was there we had a really good day, we had 6 lessons with a member present! Nothing else too interesting this week, although we did have a seminar with all the gringos in the closer parts of the mission which was cool. It was a seminar on how to adjust to missionary life and how to deal with stress and we watched a video about how when were doing missionary work we are bringing to pass the salvation of souls and how sometimes its not easy and it was never easy to bring to pass the salvation of souls and it wasn't easy for Christ! We watched a video and in it Elder Holland said that when people yell at us spit on us slam doors on us that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with Christ, that we are walking a very small part of the path that he walked to bring to pass the salvation of our souls and i thought that was so awesome and it makes me want to be a better missionary! That seminar was also cool because i got to see all of the people in my district from the CCM!
In two days Elder Nelson is coming to speak to us!!! Thats going to be so cool! Also the night before we have four more missionaries that are coming to stay with us in our chapel house which is going to be pretty sweet!
Me and Elder Bunker are working well with each other, were meeting most of our goals and getting the new branch here started off right! They just organized a lot more stuff and they called a bunch of people to new callings on Sunday and that was really cool to hear all of those people getting called to positions. Some of the people are starting to come back to church too which is awesome! We have a baptismal date for a nine year old named jonathan for the 30th of November and we should have a couple more dates soon too because we have a couple people that only need one more little thing and then they can get baptized so were working with the president of the branch to help them resolve their problems and then we should be able to help them get baptized pretty soon.
Some days are better than others with the Spanish. Some days i feel like i just cant understand anything and the words get all mixed up in my mouth and then other days i feel like i can understand almost everything and I will use words and sentences that i didn't know i knew how to say! Its really cool when that happens! Elder Bunker said i know so much more than he did and he read me some of his journal entries from when he had about one month on the mission and he said that it was so hard for him to understand people so hes helping me learn faster.
We think that Elder Bunker got fleas in his bed which really is a bummer cause hes gotten bit so much and Ive gotten bit a couple times but hes washing all of his stuff today so hopefully the flea problem will go away soon. Its getting hotter and windier which is crazy because it was already pretty windy before! The wind stinks because then all the dust is blowing everywhere. In the morning well see people out sweeping their dirt and watering their dirt so its not flying everywhere.
Today were going to teach our pension how to make breakfast burritos! After that were going to play some volleyball with some of our investigators which should be a blast! Other than that everything's all good down here in Peru! Hope all of you have a fantastic week! Love you guys
Elder Jarman
The second picture is of some of the church members at our game night that we do every Friday.

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